About Pharmacosmos

Pharmacosmos develops and markets medicines for the treatment of iron deficiency - and is the developer of CosmoFer.

An independent pharmaceutical company with an ongoing R&D programme, our goal is to improve treatment options for healthcare professionals and patients - and we work with exclusive partners in more than 50 countries worldwide.


More than 70 million doses of CosmoFer (low Mw iron dextran) has already been administered worldwide since its launch in 2001.

Recently, we obtained marketing authorisation for Monofer (iron isomaltoside 1000), a treatment for iron deficiency anaemia that offers patients with various iron needs the convenience of iron repletion in one visit.

We are a privately-owned company and operate in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our manufacturing is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency and the US Food & Drug Administration.

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