About CosmoFer

CosmoFer low molecular weight (Mw) iron dextran is a highly refined parenteral iron formulation, with a well documented safety profile3-9). Low Mw iron dextran has been used in more than 75 million doses2) and is characterized by significantly less adverse events compared to high Mw iron dextran3-9).

CosmoFer solution for injection contains iron in a stable aqueous iron(III)-hydroxide dextran complex, which is analogous to the physiological form of iron, ferritin (ferric hydroxide phosphate protein complex)1). The formulation is characterized by a strong colloidal complex of a ferric core shielded by tightly bound dextran chains. The sterile solution has a pH of approximately 5.2 - 6.510). No preservatives are added1).

Due to the tightly bound iron complex, CosmoFer offers the opportunity of administering the iron dose either as a conventional series of small IV doses or as a total dose infusion (TDI) with up to 20 mg/kg administered over 4-6 hours in one single infusion1). Patients should be observed for adverse effects for at least 30 min following each CosmoFer injection. CosmoFer can also be administered as undiluted intramuscular injections1).

CosmoFer administered as TDI, improves compliance and reduces the number of injections and hospital visits, resulting in substantial cost savings11,12).

The CosmoFer brand is promoted by Pharmacosmos A/S, Denmark and distributed outside the US by Pharmacosmos' partners. In the US, low Mw iron dextran is sold and distributed under the brand name INFeD® and in France under the brand name Ferrisat®.