Product characteristics

CosmoFer (low Mw iron dextran) has a well documented safety profile. Low Mw iron dextran has been used in more than 70 million doses2) and is characterized by significantly less adverse events compared to traditional high Mw iron dextran3-9).

The formulation is characterized by a strong colloidal complex of a ferric core shielded by dextran chains1). This gives a strong iron-carbohydrate complex, with a gradual release of iron from the iron core, resulting in a superior toxicological profile compared to iron sucrose and iron gluconate10,13-16).

The tightly bound iron and the pH10) of the formulation are the reasons why CosmoFer offers the flexibility of administering the parenteral iron dose, either as an intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM) injection or as a total dose infusion (TDI)1).

CosmoFer administered as TDI, improves compliance and reduces the number of injections and hospital visits, resulting in substantial cost savings11,12).