The Fishbane reaction

What is the Fishbane reaction?

Unfortunately, the Fishbane reaction is not published, but Steven Fishbane has described a very common, minor clinical event and has discussed it in a variety of different conferences.

Typically, when this occurs, a patient will get a small amount of iron dextran and will complain of chest and back pain. It is nothing more than a mild, self limited, innocent arthralgia myalgia reaction that goes away, it is never ever associated with hypotension, tachycardia, periorbital oedema or stridor.

The management of the Fishbane reaction is to walk away from the patient, provided they don't have hypotension or tachycardia, come back in a moment or two, several minutes, re-challenge the patient. It will not re-occur and it should not be considered a serious adverse event, says Dr. Michael Auerbach, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine. Currently in Private Practice in Baltimore, USA.